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Welcome to the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) Photobank. Here you can view images taken from IPNLF’s projects around the world. Please use the drop down menus or the keyword search to find relevant images, or select “all” to view all available photographs.

These photos can be requested by selecting the image and then clicking the Request Images Button.

The images held in the photo bank are available to IPNLF Members. IPNLF Members are organisations involved with the supply chain of tuna caught by one-by-one methods: such as pole and line, hand-line, trolling (collectively termed simply “pole and line”). In becoming IPNLF Members, these organisations support IPNLF’s work further developing responsible pole and fisheries and promoting the benefits of these fisheries. To find out more about becoming an IPNLF Member, please click here.

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