Dr Lida Pet-Soede joins the IPNLF Board of Trustees

The International Pole & Line Foundation is delighted to introduce the newest addition to our Board of Trustees, Dr Lida Pet-Soede of the environmental consulting firm PT Hatfield Indonesia.
Dr Lida Pet-Soede joins IPNLF's team of seven Trustees

Lida joins seven other Trustees who guide IPNLF forward, overseeing the governance of the organisation and informing our international work. Trustees work together with staff and the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), sharing their wealth of extensive experience gained from their interactions with industry, academia, government and NGOs.

Dr Pet-Soede brings many exceptional qualities that will support IPNLF as it moves forward. As a strategic conservation and fisheries management professional, Dr Pet-Soede explains that her primary role will be to support the organisation in maintaining its high level of effectiveness as it continues to mature and expand it’s capacities with new projects and in new geographies. Through a 15-year appointment creating innovative national, regional and global programmes for a large international NGO, she developed a number of highly successful teams with the necessary organisational capacities to deliver tangible change. Further to this, she has more than 20 years’ experience with regards to the different aspects of Indonesian fisheries and their management.

Utilising this invaluable knowledge, Dr Pet-Soede is ideally placed to support IPNLF staff on issues related to developing the scope and size of the team and to increase organisational strength, best working practices and governance, with a strong focus on coaching effectiveness. She can also offer significant insight as the organisation explores potential strategic partnerships that will contribute to this progress.

“The IPNLF has a great team of very professional, knowledgeable and dedicated individuals, working with strong support from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees. Personally, I am most excited about the things that I can learn from all these people, and about finding ways that I can make their work even more effective,” says Dr Pet-Soede.

In addition to supporting IPNLF’s strategic thinking, including the further development of the organisation’s financial streams and deepening the collaboration with its Members, Dr Pet-Soede is especially keen to be part of the sustainable advancement of Indonesia’s one-by-one tuna fisheries.

“The work in Indonesia has progressed well, but there are more exciting times ahead with the MSC assessments for which the fisheries are getting ready. This requires a lot of work and I look forward to assisting the team in that,” she says.

“IPNLF has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Good progress is being made, relations with private sector and governments and other NGOs are constructive and there is good understanding of where the work needs to go and what needs to happen. The individuals who have succeeded in getting IPNLF to this point can benefit from some help to take their work to the next level – not only to provide Indonesia’s one-by-one fisheries with the positive global reputation that they deserve, but also to consider in what shape or form similar successes for other tuna fisheries can be enabled. I am very happy to have been invited to work with IPNLF on these things.”

We heartily welcome Dr Pet-Soede to the IPNLF Board of Trustees and look forward to continuing our to develop and support one-by-one fisheries with her in the team.