International markets for pole-and-line tuna: Opportunities and challenges

Read IPNLF's recent contribution to the Infofish International magazine, on the opportunities and challenges faced by the growing pole-and-line tuna market.
Pole-and-line fishing, Maldives. Photo © IPNLF

Emily Howgate and Duncan Leadbitter, our International Coordinating Director and an IPNLF Trustee respectively, have co-authored the cover story article in the latest edition of the bimonthly magazine, Infofish International.

Their feature, ‘International markets for pole-and-line tuna: Opportunities and challenges’, explains the social and economic benefits of supporting one-by-one fisheries, in particular the multiple gains that coastal communities can have from assuming increased control of their natural resources and introducing more robust food security.

In addition to highlighting the invaluable engagement of IPNLF’s growing membership, the crucial role of our Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) and the growing supply trend of sustainable pole-and-line tuna products, the editorial also underlines a number of key aspects of the supply chain that duly need more focus in the future, including raising traceability levels.

You can read the article in its entirety here.