IPNLF Documentary: Improving sustainability of livebait fishing practices in the Maldives

IPNLF is pleased to present our second Maldives pole-and-line documentary, Improving Sustainability of Livebait Fishing Practices in the Maldives.
New IPNLF Documentary, 2015

IPNLF is pleased to present our second Maldives pole-and-line documentary, Improving Sustainability of Livebait Fishing Practices in the Maldives. This film was created to share good practice in baitfish fishing and use within the pole-and-line community in the Maldives, and will be distributed to the fishers. Sharing good practice through the community via media and through the Fishermen's Community & Training Centre is a key aspect of IPNLF's work in the Maldives.

Live baitfish are used in pole-and-line fishing to send tuna schools into a feeding frenzy. Alongside the baitfish, water is sprayed from the boat onto the sea surface, which together makes the tuna more likely to bite the unbaited hooks and be caught. Livebait is a prerequisite to pole-and-line fishing - no bait means no tuna! Therefore monitoring and managing livebait fisheries is crucial for sustainable use of the stock. The documentary shows good practices of transferring livebait from the net to bait well to reduce stress and post-harvest mortality and accurately recording the catch. By reducing onboard death of bait, fishers can reduce input costs, increase their efficiency and further protect the baitfish stock.

The recommendations made in this film are linked to maintaining Marine Stewardship Council certification for the pole-and-line tuna fishery, but also to ensuring a sustainable future for both the tuna and baitfish stocks.

This documentary was filmed in the Maldives in 2014. Produced by International Pole & Line Foundation, in collaboration with Marine Research Centre and Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of the Maldives. Special thanks to IPNLF Member Marks & Spencer for supporting the production of this film.

Thanks to:

  • Dr. M. Shiham Adam – Director General, Marine Research Centre
  • Mr. Ahmed Riyaz Jauharee – Senior Research Officer, Marine Research Officer
  • Mr. Adnan Ali – Managing Director, Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd
  • Mr. Hussain Ahmed – Captain, Villa Vaali 6
  • Mr. Abdulla Shakir – Secretary General, Maldives Fishermen’s Association
  • Staff of Horizon Fisheries Pvt Ltd on Maandhoo