IPNLF expands its Maldivian membership

Gemanafushi Masverin, an organisation that represents the interests of the Gemanafushi pole-and-line fishing community, becomes the latest Member of IPNLF

Gemanafushi Masverin (Fishermen of Gemanafushi), a new fisheries association based on Gemanafushi, one of the inhabited islands of Gaafu Alif Atoll, Maldives, has become the latest Member of the International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF), the non-profit association that is committed to developing and supporting responsible one-by-one tuna fisheries and supply chains.

Established in February 2018 as a NGO, Gemanafushi Masverin aims to promote pole-and-line fishing together with all the related activities of fishing in the Maldives. The association creates awareness in the local community and encourages younger generations to become part of a sustainable pole-and-line industry. Furthermore, Gemanafushi Masverin updates and educates fishermen on the latest technologies and management measures being used across the broader fishing industry.

The association is committed to ensuring that all laws, regulations and best practices used in the one-by-one fishing sector are adhered to, as well as assisting the Maldivian government and non-government stakeholders in their support of the island’s fishing community.

Ahmed Shafiu Founding Member of Gemanafushi Masverin, says, “While this organisation is officially just a few months old, its members have been promoting Maldivian pole-and-line fishing on our Facebook page, Gemanafushi Masverin, since 2015. One-by-one fishing provides livelihood opportunities for thousands of Maldivian citizens and one of our most important functions is to convey how essential this sector’s contribution is to the Gemanafushi community’s way of life. In joining IPNLF’s international membership network and working together with its team and fellow Members, we are confident that we can progress the local industry and share those efforts on a far greater scale.”

Martin Purves, Managing Director of IPNLF, comments, “Gemanafushi Masverin is doing fantastic work with the pole-and-line fishermen that they represent and it is a great pleasure to welcome them to our Member network. It is inspiring to see such strong commitments being made at a local level to promote sustainable one-by-one fishing, to support the island’s coastal community and to encourage new recruits to the sector. It is one of our top priorities that these traditional fisheries and the people and communities connected to them are supported as they set about building a viable long-term future.”

Through its membership of IPNLF, Gemanafushi Masverin joins a growing network of tuna supply chain stakeholders from all over the world that are supporting work to enhance the supply of one-by-one caught tuna, and strengthening the value that these fisheries bring to the coastal environments and communities connected to them.

Notes to Editors


Gemanafushi Masverin (Fishermen of Gemanafushi) was formed in February 2018 as a non-government organisation in the Maldives. The association aims to promote pole-and-line fishing as well as related fishing activities conducted in the Maldives. Its role includes creating awareness of the sustainable pole-and-line fishery, fishermen education and sharing best-practice, as well as encouraging new generations of locals to seek careers in the sector. Gemanafushi Masverin provides daily fishing updates through its official Facebook page, Gemanafushi Masverin.


The International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) works to develop, support and promote socially and environmentally responsible pole-and-line, handline and troll tuna fisheries around the world. IPNLF’s ambition is to contribute to thriving coastal fisheries, including the people, communities, businesses and seas connected with them.  As a hub for sustainably-minded organisations, we use the influence of the market to forge change through practical fishery projects and stakeholder cooperation. IPNLF membership is open to organisations involved in the one-by-one caught tuna supply chain. Allied with our Members, IPNLF demonstrates the value of one-by-one caught tuna to consumers, policymakers and throughout the supply chain. We work across science, policy and the seafood sector, using an evidence-based, solutions-focused approach with guidance from our Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee and Board of Trustees.

IPNLF was officially registered in the United Kingdom in 2012 (Charity 1145586), with branch offices in London and the Maldives, and a staff presence in Indonesia, France, North America and South Africa

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