IPNLF introduced a new film to celebrate World Oceans Day

To demonstrate the beauty and importance of Indonesia's one-by-one coastal tuna fisheries IPNLF release a new film on World Oceans Day

Fishing for tuna by pole-and-line, handline or troll (using one hook and one line to catch tuna one at a time - collectively known as one-by-one fishing) is widely practised by many small-scale coastal fisheries throughout the world, and is deeply embedded in many cultures. It is regarded as the most socially and environmentally responsible way to fish for tuna as it results in virtually zero bycatch and has minimal impact on the environment. Depicted in this video is an Indonesian pole-and-line fishery in Bitung. 

Please share this video (released to celebrate World Oceans Day - 8th June 2016) to raise the profile of these responsible fisheries and encourage support to ensure that the livelihoods, communities and seas that depend upon them can thrive.

Footage © Paul Hilton & IPNLF
Music © 

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One-by-one tuna fishing in Bitung, Indonesia