IPNLF Members top Greenpeace Canada's tuna ranking

Greenpeace Canada has released its canned tuna guide, comparing 17 brands and retailers on their attention to strong sustainability and social responsibility tuna sourcing standards

By ranking major companies on performance in key areas including sustainability policy, fishing method, traceability and commitments to ethical labour practices, Greenpeace Canada aims to ensure healthier oceans and safer working conditions for the people who fish, process and deliver tuna from sea to shelf. Of the ranked contestants, IPNLF Members Whole Foods Market and Ocean Brands ranked in the green category.

Whole Foods Market was praised for their comprehensive canned tuna sourcing policy, commitments to one-by-one fisheries and for ‘greening the tuna aisle’.

Carrie Brownstein, Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator, Whole Foods Market says, “We have created our own standards for canned tuna at Whole Foods Market to address overfishing and bycatch issues that are common in conventional tuna fisheries. Shifting purchases to sustainable options and having strong traceability to verify our sourcing will have a positive impact on our oceans and the fishing communities who depend on these tuna fisheries to support their livelihoods. Earning another top ranking from Greenpeace is an honour and we hope it inspires others in the industry to take further steps towards greater sustainability.”

Ocean Brands was commended for its bold commitments in its tuna sourcing policy and the traceability of its products. As Canada's second largest tuna brand, Ocean's is taking big steps to lead in sustainability.

Commenting on the Greenpeace ranking, Ian Ricketts, Vice President, Ocean Brands says, "At Ocean Brands, we believe it's no longer enough to offer a few sustainable choices, but that all tuna should be responsibly sourced. Ocean's is the first major tuna brand in Canada to take the steps necessary to make this vision a reality."

"Ocean's has been around for a long time and for us to continue to be around for many more decades, we need to protect the health of our oceans. Consumers can influence responsible fishing practices by purchasing a sustainable brand of tuna, like Ocean's, at the grocery store." Ricketts adds.