One-by-one fisheries gaining importance in global tuna industry

Emily Howgate speaks to Seafood Source about the growing importance of one-by-one fisheries.
Emily Howgate explained the significance of one-by-one fisheries

The global tuna industry is worth more than USD 40 billion (EUR 35.1 billion), of which pole-and-line and handline fisheries are playing an increasingly important part. Emily Howgate, International Coordinating Director, explained the significance of one-by-one fisheries in an interview with SeafoodSource.

Emily emphasised how IPNLF's collaborative partnerships and network Membership are pivotal to our successes, as can be seen through our projects and policy work e.g. improved skipjack and yellowfin management at IOTC, 'exceptional progress' rating of the Indonesia pole-andline/handline tuna fisheries improvement project (FIP), and instigation of a Responsible Fishing Scheme pilot in the Maldives.

Read Emily's full interview here.