One-by-one tuna triumphs in the Greenpeace USA guides

Update on the latest tuna guidance from Greenpeace USA
American Tuna, IPNLF Member

Greenpeace USA recently released their canned tuna guides, comparing 20 well-known brands that can be found in stores nationwide, based on how sustainable, ethical and fair their tuna products are. Coming up trumps were brands selling pole-and-line caught tuna products, including IPNLF Member American Tuna.

Commenting on the guide, Adam Baske, IPNLF Director, Policy & Outreach says "As well as providing consumer guidance on which tuna brands to avoid, the Greenpeace canned-tuna ranking recognises the brands that are leading the way with sustainability - such as American Tuna (proud-glow moment for our Member who ranked first!). These leading brands work hard to ensure that they supply responsible, ethical tuna to US customers and for that they should be rewarded. Where needed, the ranking also helps to drive improvements in key issues such as sustainability policy, traceability, methods used and labour issues and highlights the need for more collaboration so that we can support companies and brands in making meaningful improvements in their tuna sourcing policies and supply.

Natalie Webster, one of the founding families at American Tuna, says: “The tuna supply chain is undergoing a period of crucial transformation in order to fulfil the unprecedented consumer demand for sustainable and responsibly sourced seafood. American Tuna is delighted to be ranked first on Greenpeace’s 2017 Tuna Shopping Guide, being recognised as a trusted sustainable tuna brand and for being an advocate for one-by-one fishing methods and fishing communities. We have always been committed to going that extra mile to provide high quality, sustainable and equitable tuna products that support our fishing families, and we are honoured that these efforts have been recognised.