Progressing the IPNLF Strategy

An update from a pivotal gathering of IPNLF's Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee

From 24-25 October, the IPNLF Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) met in the Maldives for its fourth annual meeting to discuss research developments and identify priorities for IPNLF’s research and project agenda.

The STAC is an expert body that helps govern IPNLF’s work. The committee comprises respected and experienced professionals and academics from around the world, specialising in fishery research, development and management. As an organisation that takes an evidence-based, solutions-focussed approach to its work, IPNLF sees the STAC as integral to ensuring we remain at the forefront of one-by-one fisheries.

This meeting in the Maldives coincided with the start of IPNLF’s recently approved three-year Strategic Focus, which is now directing the majority of our efforts. This focus reflects the interests of the fisheries we work with, as well as those of our Member network. To ensure the activities identified by the STAC are relevant to our Strategic Focus, the meeting took on a slightly different format from previous years. Instead of focusing on presentations, a workshop format was adopted with breakout groups that covered the following themes:

(1) Enhancing one-by-one fisheries and fisheries science 

(2) building social and economic evidence of the benefits of one-by-one fisheries 

(3) advancing policy related to one-by-one fisheries

These working groups were deemed highly successful. From them, 11 activities were identified as strategic priorities for the coming year. The groups also identified individuals from the STAC and the IPNLF team who will collaboratively get these projects off the ground in the year ahead. 

Progressing the IPNLF Strategy | STAC 2016