Milkfish. © IPNLF

Because of its low food chain positioning (herbivorous or omnivorous feeding habit), milkfish (Chanos chanos) has been suggested as a fish that could be farmed for use by the sector. Recognising this potential, IPNLF commissioned an in-depth feasibility study in 2014, that explored the economic and technical viability of such a system being introduced to overcome bait scarcity in Indonesian fisheries.

One of IPNLF’s recent pioneering projects, to promote sustainable tuna fishing in Indonesia, supported by Engagement Migros, specifically addresses improved culture of milkfish as an alternative to wild-caught baitfish. The project pilot study demonstrated that if milkfish cultivation is economically and ecologically an alternative to the current onboard baitfish supplies. Recommendations and follow-up actions have been documented and publicly distributed to stakeholder groups; with the intent of raising awareness and buy-in. Following a successful trial, milkfish cultivation will increase in such pilot areas as Bitung, Sulewesi, Manado and Makassar (Indonesia).

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