Anova Seafood (Netherlands)

Anova Seafood (Netherlands)

Anova Seafood is an international supplier of fresh and frozen seafood for European retail and foodservice, focussing on private label business. With a broad product portfolio, a procurement office in Vietnam, several partnerships worldwide, and daily distribution through one of the 40 platforms in Europe, Anova is a proud player in the seafood industry.  From this central position in the supply chain, it sources its products from all over the world for customers in Europe.

Anova Seafood was established in 1994 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Throughout the years the values of Sustainability, Quality and Innovation have always remained at the heart of its business. The company’s vision is to make pure and responsible seafood choices accessible for every consumer, that are part of a profitable category for their customers, and provide a sound income for fishermen. By offering simply tasty, high quality, sustainable seafood, fish consumption can be increased. Anova believes in collective action, and works with its partners to increase the availability of sustainable seafood and actively raise awareness for responsible fish consumption. 

Anova Seafood, together with NGOs, set up the Fishing & Living programme in Indonesia, in 2008. Through Fishing & Living, several sustainability programmes in Indonesia were implemented to support and address the tuna handline Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) on its way to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. The Fishing & Living programme does not only focus on sustainable fishing methods and management, but also on social aspects.

Willem Huisman

Coastal fishery takes an important place in the history of Anova Seafood: we once started our business in Africa with artisanal Nile perch fishery. Since then, we have realised that coastal fisheries need extra attention and support. We believe that by joining our forces and by close cooperation between NGOs, we can make significant improvements in coastal fisheries. Together with our partners we want to achieve sustainable fisheries and moreover, improve the livelihood of the fishing communities around the world.

Willem Huisman (Owner & Managing Director)