Founded in Galicia, Spain, in 1940, Grupo Calvo is a major global player in the fish canning sector, with six multi-product canning plants and manufacturing facilities in three countries. Through its different brands, including Calvo, Nostromo and Gomes da Costa, the group offers a diversified portfolio comprising more than 700 products in over 70 countries and reaches millions of consumers every day.

Grupo Calvo is one of very few fully-vertically integrated fish canning companies in the world. It has also made public commitments to promote the rights of workers, minimise the impact of its operations and to support scientific initiatives working towards the sustainability of the natural resources. To ensure its measures are implemented company-wide in the most efficient way possible, it has developed harmonised policies and management systems.

Through its Tuna Fishing Sustainability Policy, Grupo Calvo develops practices and long-term measures aimed at ensuring the consistent sustainability of tuna fisheries in both environmental and economic terms.

The group believes tuna sustainability can only be reached through robust management of the resource together with clear long-term conservation objectives that are based on scientific data and efficient decision-making procedures. It therefore works with scientific and environmental organisations to enhance the management of tuna fish stocks and to ensure its vessels adhere to good fishing practices.

At a local level, Grupo Calvo is involved in local fishery improvement projects to look for collective initiatives and solutions for the sustainability of fishery resources.

Grupo Calvo’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Tuna Purchasing includes practices and standards aligned with the United Nations’ Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and also supports the sustainability criteria within the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. Its tuna suppliers must comply with the Code by demonstrating maximum respect and consideration for human rights and best tuna fishing practices.