Conservas Emperatriz

Conservas Emperatriz

Conservas Emperatriz is a family-run processing company, based in La Rioja, Northern Spain. Since the 1960s, Conservas Emperatriz has been dedicated to the manufacture of quality fish and canned vegetable products sourced from Spanish fisheries and producers. Through its own-brands, the company offers a range of high-quality, jarred tuna products, caught with artisanal, one-by-one methods.

The company’s philosophy highlights the importance of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Conservas Emperatriz supports local communities through its sourcing decisions and employment in its facilities. The processing plant has provided a source of employment in La Rioja for over fifty years, prioritising values such as job security, safety and equality of working conditions. Today, the company employs more than seventy workers.

In line with its commitments to achieve the highest level of quality and maintain the utmost respect for the protection of the environment, the company also has a number environmental quality certifications present on all its products, including the Marine Stewardship Council certification.

When we first heard about IPNLF, we realised that we must be part of this network as we share many of the same goals and ideas. We do our best to communicate the importance of preserving the health of tuna species and sustainable practises along the production chain. In our company, we work with 100% organic products, from the best of the land and the sea, to create a unique mixture of flavours and products. By collaborating with companies and organisations, we want our work to improve environmental sustainability, so future generations can experience our traditional flavours and cultures”

Oscar Demiguel (General Manager, Conservas Emperatriz)