Efectos Navales del Atlántico S.L.

Efectos Navales del Atlántico S.L.

Member since 2020

Founded in 1988, Efectos Navales del Atlántico S.L. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fishing gear. Headquartered in Bilbao, Spain, the company equips many tuna pole-and-line fishing vessels all over the world with high-quality hooks.

Through its commitment to ensuring sustainable fisheries and safeguarding tuna resources for future generations of fishers and consumers, Efectos Navales specialises in the production and supply of fishing gear capable of targeting only select species. It pioneered the introduction of circle hooks, which minimise the impacts of fishing on non-target species and other marine life.

Sustainability is essential to the future of all fisheries; there are no other possible alternatives open to stakeholders. Catching tuna one-by-one is one of the best ways to preserve these stocks for the future, and we will always support actions and organisations that are working towards this common goal.

Alex Lerchundi (Manager)