Green Fish

Green Fish

Green Fish is a South African supplier of sustainable, fresh fish. Borne of Founder Ryan Nienaber's love for fishing and the ocean, the family run business services restaurant, hospitality and wholesale seafood businesses with high quality, seasonal and locally-sourced seafood.

As a dynamic company, Green Fish prides itself on responding to the ever-changing needs of the high-end sashimi market. It specialises in sashimi-quality yellowfin tuna used for sushi, as well as fresh yellowtail, and other line-caught fish from the abundant Cape waters and beyond. These products are distributed across South Africa and abroad.

Alongside delivering premium quality, Green Fish champions responsible fishing practices. It sources from local one-by-one tuna fisheries, as well as overseas small-scale fisheries such as St Helena, where it assisted in getting the first exports off the island.  Green Fish also promotes the sale of WWF - SASSI green-listed species, where possible.

Green Fish is committed to ensuring that all of its seafood is sourced from legal fishing operations and can be fully-traceable back to the point of origin. The company believes that in order to make environmentally responsible choices, consumers must have accurate information about their seafood choices and so it ensures that its customers are provided with detailed evidence about the species, origin and production method for every seafood product that it sells.

Growing up on the sea, from handline fishing to tuna pole, my love for fish has turned into the business we run today. Green Fish evolved to meet the growing demand for my export quality fish to the local market. As a commercial fisher myself, I use my knowledge and experience in maximising fish quality to bring my customers the very best quality products. On top of that, I know how important the protection of our ocean resources is, and so Green Fish prioritises sourcing from one-by-one fisheries - we share many of the same values as IPNLF, which is why we have joined its international network.

Ryan Nienaber (Founder of Green Fish)