Maldives Quality Seafood

Maldives Quality Seafood

Maldives Quality Seafood (MQS) is a handline fishing operation based in Kaafu Atoll, in the Maldives archipelago in the Indian Ocean. MQS has been operating in the Maldives since 2008, sourcing responsible handline yellowfin tuna and supplying it to the international market.

Quality and sustainability is at the heart of the MQS fishing operations; they implement rigorous safety, handling, and traceability standards to ensure their tuna is of the highest quality, as well as socially and environmentally sustainable. In fact, every piece of tuna they process can be tracked back to the fishing grounds and fishing vessel from which it originated.

MQS is the first Fair Trade Certified™ producer of seafood in the Maldives, rewarding fishing communities for their social and environmental responsibility. Learn more about Maldives Quality Seafood and their fishing process in this fantastic short film.

For many years we have been championing responsible handline fisheries. We are excited to be able to join the International Pole & Line Foundation and we look forward to combining efforts to ensure the long-term viability of these fisheries and promote their fantastic benefits.

Roy Schofield (Managing Director)