Wild Planet Foods

Wild Planet Foods

Member since 2018

Founded in 2004, Wild Planet Foods is the leading provider of sustainably-sourced canned seafood in the U.S. The fourth largest canned seafood brand in the U.S., Wild Planet was ranked #1 by Greenpeace two years in a row for its sustainable sourcing policy and is mission-driven to promote wild seafood products harvested only from ecologically-exemplary fisheries.

Through public education about the best choices of seafood consumption, Wild Planet Foods aims to impact consumer choices and provide market driven change in global harvest practices. By utilising its influence on market forces and providing ecologically-sound and socially-just seafood products, Wild Planet believes it can promote environmental change from within the seafood industry.

100% of Wild Planet’s albacore and skipjack tuna has always been sourced from completely sustainable pole-and-line, and troll fisheries. These have substantially lower by-catch mortality rates than long-line or purse seine fisheries. Wild Planet has based its sourcing policies on scientific studies and recommendations from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch. These studies have consistently pointed to pole-and-line, handline and troll fishing as the only GREEN-rated BEST CHOICE fisheries for tuna. Traceability information for all of Wild Planet’s products can be verified using

Wild Planet’s products are widely available in mainstream and natural grocery stores in the US, Canada and the UK.

Wild Planet is pleased to be affiliated with IPNLF. IPNLF has demonstrated its leadership in setting the bar of sustainability sufficiently high enough to get Wild Planet’s support. Many organizations talk about sustainability, but take only small steps toward improvement, which are not adequate to affect the kind of changes needed to preserve the ocean’s biodiversity and ecological health and abundance. We support IPNLF’s efforts to boost pole-and-line tuna fishing globally and believe that promotion of pole-and-line fishing will not only enhance environmental stability, but also result in greater economic benefit and food security to local coastal communities the world over.

Bill Carvalho (Founder and President)