Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions is a collection of organisations working hand-in-hand with seafood businesses to improve ocean health and ensure a long-term supply of seafood. Conservation Alliance believes that steady progress on businesses’ sustainable seafood commitments now will mean healthier oceans can deliver a stable supply of seafood for decades to come.

Collaborating with Conservation Alliance provides IPNLF with a platform to effectively share resources and expertise among like-minded organisations - to further engage buyers, enhance the supply and strengthen the management of one-by-one tuna fisheries, as well as improve the policy framework of tuna fisheries for the benefit of coastal communities.

IPNLF brings a voice that not only wants to see environmentally responsible seafood being promoted throughout the supply chain, but also promotes the social benefits that accrue as a result of certain sourcing decisions. This is a key component of the Alliance’s new Common Vision, and we are thrilled that IPNLF’s perspective is now officially a part of our network.

Amy Breckon (Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions)