Lida Pet-Soede

Lida Pet-Soede

Lida Pet-Soede holds graduate degrees (BSc., MSc., and a PhD) in Tropical Fisheries Biology and Management all from Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands. Major disciplines were fisheries biology and management, socio-economics of developing countries, and fish culture. She conducted her PhD research in Indonesia, supervised more than 150 students over the years, many of which have jobs in conservation and fisheries management and she co-authored more than 60 papers and publications.

Lida is a senior strategic conservation and fisheries management professional with practical, policy, technical and management skills. She is a leader in developing new programs, initiating multi-partner platforms and a strong and effective motivator for the related required organizational change.

She has extensive experience in developing effective collaborative networks, capable motivated global teams and strategic partnerships (government, private sector, academia, and NGOs). She also boosts a proven track record in achieving conservation and natural resource management agenda, is known to her colleagues as a passionate high achiever and strong team builder.

Currently, Lida leads development of a new marine unit at PT Hatfield Indonesia, an environmental consulting firm established 26 years ago in Indonesia, with headquarters in Canada and activities throughout Southeast Asia ( Hatfield works throughout Indonesia on various projects including environmental and social impact assessment, remote sensing and mapping, renewable energy, biodiversity assessments, environmental monitoring and forestry certification. The marine unit currently has a small but growing client base and provides technical expertise and advise for a variety of projects including Tuna fisheries in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific, inshore small-scale pelagic fisheries in Indonesia, Nature-Based Tourism in the Coral Triangle, private-sector investments in conservation areas and sustainable aquaculture, and ocean waste management.

She is an avid diver. Born in the Netherlands, she enjoys living in Indonesia with her family and takes trips around Indonesia showing her two daughters the beauty of the Coral Triangle.

IPNLF has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Good progress is being made, relations with private sector and governments and other NGOs are constructive and there is good understanding of where the work needs to go and what needs to happen. The individuals who have succeeded in getting IPNLF to this point can benefit from some help to take their work to the next level – not only to provide Indonesia’s one-by-one fisheries with the positive global reputation that they deserve, but also to consider in what shape or form similar successes for other tuna fisheries can be enabled. I am very happy to have been invited to work with IPNLF on these things.

Lida Pet-Soede