Adam Baske

Adam Baske

Director, Policy & Outreach

Adam brings over 15 years of ocean-related experience to the IPNLF, with specialties in global tuna fisheries, international environmental policy bodies, and marine education. Adam has worked in diverse fields across the spectrum of marine conservation and management, including as a fisheries observer in Alaska, as an educator on-board a state-of-the-art sailing school vessel, and as a manager for an international campaign aimed at reforming the world’s largest tuna fisheries.

Adam has attended multiple international tuna treaty meetings, including the annual meetings, compliance meetings, and scientific meetings of the WCPFC, IATTC, and ICCAT with the aim of reforming the management of tuna fisheries around the world. Adam has worked with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including governments, industry, researchers, and NGOs to build momentum for change at domestic, regional, and international levels. In recent years, Adam has played a role in the adoption of international management measures on science-based catch limits, eliminating IUU fishing, and the management of fish aggregating devices (FADs) in tuna fisheries. Previous to joining the IPNLF team, Adam managed the Global Tuna Conservation program with the Pew Charitable Trusts and served as a fellow in the Office of International Affairs with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington, DC. Adam holds a Masters in Marine Conservation from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Duke University.

Working for IPNLF allows me to channel my passion for healthy oceans and thriving coastal communities towards the same goal. Not only are pole and line fisheries an excellent model for sustainability, they also have a profoundly positive impact on fishing villages around the world when managed properly.