Brendan Carruthers

Brendan Carruthers

Copywriting Support

Brendan completed a B.A. in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley in 2016. Since then, he has been working in the tech space in San Francisco, with the aim of amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and individuals in the space who have historically received less VC funding, news coverage, and representation on company boards, C-suites, and other roles. He's a firm believer in tech for social good and informing the public on good vs. bad tech. 

Brendan found IPNLF via the Oak Foundation's volunteering platform Catchafire and as an avid writer, he is now in the position for providing copywriting support for IPNLF.

When coming accross IPNLF's profile, I was immediately struck by the cause. As someone who grew up 15 minutes away from the Pacific Ocean in a beach town of Encinitas, I've always had such an appreciation for everything it gave us as a community, both as a source of incredible fresh seafood and as a shared culture around which we defined ourselves. As I grew up and learned more about our own man-made threats to the marine ecosystem in the forms of pollution and overfishing, I decided to become a vocal advocate for sustainable fishing and clean energy.  IPNLF has been doing great work towards this cause, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it.