Debbie Wirtjes-Lewis

Debbie Wirtjes-Lewis

Communications & Marketing Director

Debbie is inspired by people and their stories - what drives them to dream, create, succeed, fail, yet keep on going. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as her compass, she believes that good business begins with empowering communities to be self-sustaining and inclusive, while respecting the environment. From her office in Amsterdam, she leads IPNLF’s communications and marketing team in implementing effective strategies and programmes to demonstrate the value of one-by-one tuna fisheries. By sharing the experiences of the fishers, their families, and the organisations that bring one-by-one caught tuna from ocean to plate, Debbie demonstrates the positive relationship between responsible consumption and successful business practices.

Debbie joined IPNLF in 2019 and brings over 20 years experience working with non-profit and private sector organisations. She holds a BA in Communications Management and New Media, and a Certificate in Marketing Management. In her spare time, she enjoys sailing, yoga, and cooking for family and friends.

I grew up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago which gave me a deep respect and gratitude for the sea and its many gifts. I love my work! I feel fortunate to have found a place where I can combine my love for the ocean with my passion for community empowerment. IPNLF stories demonstrate market forces at work. They prove that stimulating demand for one-by-one tuna while strengthening the supply chain, is the best way to protect our marine environment and sustain coastal communities. For me, it represents a win-win situation where all participants work and prosper together for generations to come.

Debbie Wirtjes-Lewis (Communications & Marketing Director)