Emily Wardrop

Emily Wardrop

Emily is based in the IPNLF London office. Working as a Research Intern, she is involved in collection and analysis of data on one-by-one tuna fisheries. As well as this, she support IPNLF’s communication activities.

Emily has had a keen interest in the socio-economics of global fisheries since participating in a University field trip to Indonesia, where she witnessed the challenges being faced by small-scale, artisanal fishers. Hearing about the work and incentives of IPNLF, she knew that this was an organisation of great interest and wanted to contribute to its work.

Emily has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Essex. During her time studying, she enrolled in a year studying abroad at Macquarie University in Australia. Her final year dissertation researched the microplastic ingestion by fish around the UK and as a result, her interest in the effects of plastic pollution have been ever-developing.

I have a passion for the ocean environment including the wildlife that inhabits it and desire to bring to light the impacts of human interactions with these fragile ecosystems. I have a keen interest in the impacts of fisheries on communities and look forward to contributing to IPNLF’s positive work in that space. 

Emily Wardrop (Research Intern)