Henriette Hultmann

Henriette Hultmann

Science & Market Outreach Intern

Henriette graduated with a BSc in Marine Biology from the University of Essex (UoE) in spring 2016. It was the summers of her young years spent investigating the Norwegian archipelago from her family’s boat that inspired her to study marine biology and learn more about this wondrous ocean environment. She is passionate about the protection of species and believes education is key to reach conservation goals. Her particular interest for sustainable management of ocean resources was sparked during third year modules on “Fisheries Ecology” and “Conservation and Management Practice” at UoE. During her University education she participated in several dynamic research projects, one of them being a study of corals and fish communities at the Hoga Marine Station, Indonesia. 

As the Science & Market Outreach intern, Henriette be responsible for developing and maintaining IPNLF's databases on one-by-one tuna fisheries research and global procurement guidelines, as well as supporting outreach to international markets.

I am delighted to join IPNLF and to be part of a team that protects our oceans and the communities that rely on them.

Henriette Hultmann (Science & Market Outreach Intern)