Hussain Sinan

Hussain Sinan

Special Advisor, Maldives

Hussain Sinan holds a postgraduate degree in Marine Resource Economics from University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom and an undergraduate degree in Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science from Bangalore University, India.

Sinan has been involved in fisheries sector in the Maldives for over 12 years since starting his career as a research officer (trainee) in 2001 in the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture. He has worked in diverse projects ranging from statistics to fisheries management and now specialises in fisheries management.

Sinan was heavily involved in the development of a modern fisheries management regime in the Maldives including the development of the key fisheries legislation: Fisheries Licensing Regulation and Longlining Regulation. He also supported the development of the new Fisheries Information System, which saw the Maldives logbook system change from paper to a web-enabled platform.

As well as working with IPNLF, Sinan is the Director for Fisheries Management in the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture in the Maldives and also represents Maldives in important commission meets including Indian Ocean Tuna Commission’s Allocation negotiations, Bay of Bengal Programme-IGO, South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission (SWIOFC) and Mangroves for the Future (of which he is vice chair).