Kyana Dipananda

Kyana Dipananda

Scientific Advisor - Indonesia

Kyana is based in Jakarta as Scientific Advisor for IPNLF. After graduating from her BSc in International Relations, Kyana started her professional career in NGOs and the development sector, mainly focusing on environmental issues.

After three years working in Southeast Asia, as a project manager and trainer to smallholders, Kyana realised that she wanted to learn about fisheries and coastal communities. This lead her to complete a master’s degree in international development at Wageningen University. Through specialising in marine governance issues, she found her main interest in global tuna fisheries management, eco-labelling in international seafood supply chains and the integration of marine issues into social science studies. She did her thesis on the social dynamic of FAD management in Lombok, Indonesia. During her thesis fieldwork, Kyana realised the potential for greater benefits to be derived from the Indonesian fishing industry to support large communities. By working to support IPNLF's one-by-one tuna fishery initiative, Kyana believes she can contribute to the development of Indonesia’s sustainable tuna industry, focusing on the environmental impact and promoting social-justice and equity.

Living in an archipelagic country surrounded by the ocean makes me realise that this abundant resource plays an important role in the livelihood of coastal communities. The sea and its people always fascinated me in a way that I want to contribute my knowledge, skills and spirit to ensure sustainable livelihoods. I am excited to be a part of the IPNLF team in Indonesia to support its mission and vision while continuing my learning journey with the business stakeholders, marine policy-makers and coastal communities.

Kyana Dipananda (Scientific Advisor - Indonesia)