Rocky Pairunan

Rocky Pairunan

Indonesia Project Manager

Rocky Pairunan is based in Jakarta as the Indonesia Project Manager for IPNLF. He works with the IPNLF's Southeast Asia Director, and provides general oversight of the implementation of Indonesia-based fishery projects, in particular the pole-and-line and handline tuna Fishery Improvement Project (FIP).

Rocky has a background working in government, both at the national and Southeast Asian regional level. Through these roles, he gained experience in policy making processes and environemental project management. He holds a bachelor’s degree on Fisheries (Socio-Economic) from the Hasanuddin University, Indonesia and MSc on Marine Planning and Management from the University of Liverpool, UK.

By working with one-by-one tuna fisheries, Rocky hopes to help tackle the long-standing issues faced by the fisheries sector; promoting sustainability within the context of improving fishers’ livelihoods and optimising the potential economic growth.

I believe that the core of natural resource management lies in the management of people’s behaviour. As one-by-one tuna fisheries are people-centred, fishers can be empowered not only to strengthen their livelihoods and economic growth, but to also ensure sustainable tuna utilisation. Working with IPNLF and the one-by-one tuna fisheries of Indonesia provides an exceptional opportunity to develop my skills and understanding of the overall landscape and dynamics of sustainable tuna fisheries management. I look forward to using my knowledge and expertise to contribute to IPNLF’s work to develop and support responsible tuna fisheries.

Rocky Pairunan (Indonesia Project Manager)