Tamzin Kerslake

Tamzin Kerslake

Tamzin started her work in the conservation sector through working as a graduate with Plastic Oceans UK. Since then, she has worked with partners and communities on an international level to stop plastic pollution from entering the ocean. 

Her background in communications and research led her to Pollinating London Together: working with the 110 liveries of London to both educate the public and push for policy change to protect our natural spaces in the City of London.

She is currently involved in the building up of IPNLF’s overall network and member engagement with the Plastic Neutrality Tool. This includes developing economic solutions and continued research into solutions for the Ghost Gear problem. 

She shall also be supporting the Communications Team on a wider level, including press releases and member research.

Tamzin graduated from Durham University with a BA in Classics and Ancient History in 2019. Upon graduation, she received the Eileen Corrigan award for Performance Arts, and was named ‘Inspirational Student’ by the faculty of Arts and Humanities.