Vivienne Evans

Vivienne Evans

Scientific Advisor, Indonesia

Vivienne kickstarted her career in fisheries management in 2016 when she became project co-ordinator for the Grouper Fishery and Conservation Project for Blue Marine Foundation. Based out in the Maldives for almost 2 years, Vivienne spent most of her time carrying out research to develop legislation for the Maldivian government. She worked actively alongside various stakeholders on the ground to promote sustainable fishing and marine protected areas.

As Scientific Advisor for IPNLF in Indonesia, Vivienne will be bringing these skills to her new role where she is similarly working across the board with governmental organizations, fishers, researchers, NGOs, and industry to support the development of sustainable one-by- one tuna fisheries across Indonesia.

Vivienne spends a lot of her time travelling between London, Maldives and Indonesia.

Spending so much time in the field, Vivienne enjoys using media as a tool to develop novel ways of communicating the importance of sustainable fishing.

Vivienne has an MSc (Marine Environmental Management) from the University of York.