Natalie Webster

Natalie Webster

Deputy Chair

Natalie is Director of Operations for the American Albacore Fishing Association (AAFA). She comes from a fishing family dating back to the pole-and-troll tuna fishery in San Diego in the early 1900s. Her father and grandfather were pole-and-troll tuna fishermen as is Natalie’s husband, Jack. AAFA’s aims include creating a better future of the American pole-and-troll fishing industry.

Within AAFA, Natalie pursued and accomplished the first MSC certification for a tuna fishery in the world. With AAFA as the client for the fishery, traceability, certificate share and membership programmes were designed and implemented. AAFA’s initial membership started with only six fishing families and has grown to represent the majority of the American pole-and-troll albacore fishing industry.

Natalie is also co-founder of American Tuna, the first MSC certified pole-and-troll tuna available in the United States. American Tuna’s products are in great demand as locally sourced, sustainable and traceable tuna.

Natalie actively looks for new markets, educates and promotes consumer awareness of the pole-and-troll albacore fishery. Her belief has always been, and will remain, that the story of pole-and-line fishery and fishermen and their families should be communicated to consumers around the world in order to gain recognition and support.

Pole-and-line, one at a time. A choice the world needs to make for the health of tuna stocks, local economies and the future of tuna.