Surely we can do better?

Approximately 800 million people depend upon fisheries and aquaculture for their livelihoods around the world, but small-scale, minimal impact fisheries are consistently out-competed for tuna stocks, which have been overexploited in the name of profit for so long that they are often a shadow of what they once were, and are pushed to the margins of the international tuna market. If profit and development continue to take precedence over global human and planetary health, small-scale fishers are at risk of being even further excluded and left behind. The global seafood industry therefore has a responsibility to safeguard the futures of these fishers and their communities by delivering on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It’s time to radically rethink tuna fisheries and disrupt status quo of industrial fisheries in support of more small-scale, socially, and environmentally responsible fisheries that can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Leaving no one behind!

With this initiative we are launching a long-running campaign, forming a coalition of like-minded organisations who want to see more radical change to the tuna fishing sector, stepping away from profit-driven industrial fisheries – towards environmentally and socially responsible fisheries that put coastal communities and environmental sustainability first.

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