Responsible Tourism Initiative

Responsible Tourism Initiative

Happy one-by-one fisher, Maldives, 2013 © Monika Flueckiger

IPNLF’s Responsible Tourism Initiative engages with the tourism and fishing sectors to escalate awareness of and demand for local sustainable seafood, thereby increasing the returns to local fishing communities.

Fisheries and tourism are the two driving industries of the Maldivian economy, but in many cases the potential for a mutually-beneficial collaboration has not been fully realised. This has left many of the Maldivian one-by-one tuna fishers’ responsible fishing efforts unrecognised and underappreciated by the local tourism industry.

IPNLF envisages a future where these two industries work closely together to further strengthen the sustainability of their activities for the benefit of their businesses, the environment and local people.

Working with tourism partners, IPNLF’s Responsible Tourism Initiative aims to increase:

AWARENESS: deliver a unique education and outreach programme to share memorable stories of local, sustainable fisheries to enhance both guest and staff knowledge and understanding of one-by-one tuna fisheries

EXPERIENCE: enhance guest experience by connecting them with the environment around them, thereby raising global understanding of sustainable fisheries and responsible seafood choices

SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: increase seafood procurement from local, sustainable fisheries; in turn, supporting growing local and international recognition of responsible one-by-one tuna fisheries

This initiative will facilitate a shift towards responsible fishing practices, which will reward small-scale operators, conserve the longevity of fish stocks and coastal marine resources and protect a critical food source for developing nation populations.

If you want to know more about the benefits of IPNLF’s Responsible Tourism Initiative, please see the Benefits of Membership document here or contact Joanna Eames here

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