Social Research

Social Research

Maldivian one-by-one tuna fisher interviewed for social research, Maldives © Peter Wessels

In 2015, IPNLF embarked on social research programmes to support evidence based advocacy for political and market recognition of one-by-one fisheries’ contributions to the communities and states where they are located.

For the Maldives, a socio-economic assessment Technical Report was conducted to explore how government policies have helped shape the fishery and impacted on the livelihood assets of the local population. Further, preparations are underway to commence a social and economic data collection programme in one-by-one tuna fishing communities, which will provide a basis for monitoring changes/improvements over time.

In Indonesia, new research started to identify the social and economic contributions of pole-and-line and baitfish fisheries to coastal communities. IPNLF will build on this work to contribute to conversations geared to developing an equitable harvest strategy at a national level, and/or locally appropriate management measures.

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