Ian Ricketts

Ian Ricketts

Ian Ricketts is President of Ocean Brands, a marketer of Canadian based seafood including the brands Gold Seal, Ocean’s and Club de Millionnaires. Ian joined Ocean Brands in 2016 as Vice President and prior to this was a grocery industry veteran of 33 years. 

One of the determining factors for Ian in joining Oceans was the company position on advancing sustainability in the seafood category, and the opportunity he would have to contribute to this effort.  ‘By-catch is something we can control and must be part of measuring our sustainability success. Not just the sustainability the species we are targeting’ 

Ian holds an MBA in Executive Management with a specialty in Sustainability. He wants to leverage his grocery industry experience and the Ocean’s platform, Canada’s second largest tuna brand, to change how tuna is harvested, purchased and sold in Canada. 

Ian believes there is a lot of work to be done on supporting the grocery industry and how they partner with their suppliers to tell the story about the opportunities the one-by-one fishery provides. 

Ian acknowledges, the Canadian grocery retail is very competitive and food brands doing well have a compelling story that resonates with today’s consumer. The Pole & Line story is one that needs to be told.  Ian is happy to work with industry to help find effective ways of accomplishing this.