Ali Manzoom

Ali Manzoom

Ali Manzoom has more than six years of experience as a software developer and engineer. Born to a fishing family, Manzoom loves everything about the ocean. By combining his digital skills and interests in marine ecosystems he is now working to improve the efficiency of everyday activities in the fishing sector by developing innovative technology solutions.

Zoom obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications from University of Bangalore and is also certified developer for ASP.NET MVC 4 and Core Android 4.0. Prior to joining IPNLF, Zoom worked as the Lead Software Developer at National Center for Information Technology (NCIT) of Maldives and was involved in developing large-scale applications for E-Governance. Some notable projects include Trade Information System which developed for Ministry of Economic Development, Expatriate Online System (Xpat) developed for Department of Immigration and Emigration and Census Data Management System developed for Department of National Planning.

Other notable software systems that Zoom has developed included the Airport Ferry Service Ticketing Software, Budget Hotels Application and a Seafarer Circle App that were developed through a startup venture 'Mostouch' co-founded by Zoom. He also worked for a short period as a freelancer providing IT consultancy to hotels, travel agencies and small business.

As the Software Engineer for IPNLF, Zoom developed a comprehensive Fisheries Information System (FIS) to systematise several fisheries management related process. These include issuing fishing licenses, processing licenses, catch data entry and analysis and issuance of catch certificates. His aim now is to continue to innovative new technologies to maximize the potential of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly one-by-one fisheries in the globe.