Ibrahim Saneeh

Ibrahim Saneeh

Fisheries Research Officer

Saneeh is based in the Maldives as an IPNLF Fisheries Research Officer. Working in close coordination with Maldivian fishers, Saneeh collects data on one-by-one tuna fishing vessels, including tuna and baitfish catch, fuel use and bycatch. This data contributes to key research initiatives and feeds into important local and international management measures.

Saneeh has loved fishing ever since he caught his first reef fish as a child, and has always been proud of Maldivian fishermen and their contribution in local culture.

As well as having interests in fishing and ocean habitats, Saneeh brings a range of skills acquired through his accounting education and work experience at a Maldivian construction company.

I have always been attached to fishing and our oceans. I am honored to have been given an opportunity in which I am able to promote the art of fishery passed down to us by our forefathers. I aim to become a contributive member of the IPNLF team and help to reach its goals.