Zacari Edwards

Zacari Edwards

Socio Economic Manager

As IPNLF's Socio Economic Manager, Zacari is based in its London office and leads IPNLF’s work in understanding, enhancing and evidencing the social benefits of one-by-one fisheries.

Zacari’s longstanding interest in sustainable fisheries started in Thailand and Uganda, where he explored freshwater fisheries management issues in the Mekong River and Lake Victoria, respectively. He also spent eight months living and working in Indonesia, helping NGOs to establish new fisheries improvement projects (FIPs) for octopus and yellowfin tuna fisheries; and conducting research focused on the regulation of fish aggregation device (FAD) use by domestic tuna fishers.

Zacari holds an MSc in International Development with a minor in Sustainable Fisheries Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

I really enjoyed the nature of the work that I was privileged to do in Indonesia relating to tuna fisheries. A huge part of that enjoyment came from working closely with fishers and coming to understand their invaluable role within the tuna supply-chain. As such, I was particularly drawn to IPNLF as an organisation due to their emphasis on social sustainability issues as well as environmental. I continue to enjoy working with the IPNLF team here in London and playing a part in the important work they do in facilitating more sustainable tuna fisheries.

Zacari Edwards (Socio Economic Manager)