Endorsing the Azores Declaration

The Azores Declaration in support of one-by-one tuna fisheries goes digital!

As awareness of the social and environmental benefits associated with one-by-one tuna fisheries continues to rise, so too does the global demand for their products. This in turn is creating real opportunities for communities, companies and organisations connected to these responsible fishing practices.

Last October, over 200 one-by-one tuna fishery stakeholders from around the world, including fishing associations, commercial fishing industry representatives, processors, suppliers, brands, retailers, governments, researchers and NGOs, gathered together in Horta, Azores, for the world’s first One-by-One Tuna Conference. An important outcome from this conference was the Azores Declaration in Support of One-by-One Tuna Fisheries.

Developed by participants, the Declaration establishes a definitive commitment to ensure a sustainable and equitable future for these fisheries as well as to prioritise the needs of associated communities and cultures.

Today marks a new milestone for the Declaration and its endorsers. Created in collaboration with the Azores Government and other key stakeholders, IPNLF is pleased to announce that the Azores Declaration can now be viewed on a dedicated website. This website will provide a communications platform for the Declaration’s endorsers to highlight their commitment to one-by-one tuna fisheries.

We thank all those companies for showing their support, and we also encourage all other organisations that are engaged in one-by-one tuna fisheries to demonstrate their commitment by adding their endorsement to the Declaration.