Embrace traditional, small-scale tuna fisheries which allow people, economies and nature to thrive.


If you’re an avid seafood lover…

One Hook, One Line, One Fish at a time. 

We have the potential to transform global tuna fisheries. Choosing tuna caught one-by-one means choosing the best option for your own personal health, the ocean’s health and that of coastal fishing communities. Learn more about what you can do as a seafood lover…

Choose your tuna

As a consumer there is great power in your choices. Purchasing only one-by-one tuna ensures you are choosing tuna that was caught using the most socially responsible and environmentally sustainable fishing methods- ‘pole-and-line’, ‘handline’ and ‘troll’. This directly contributes to a just, equitable and sustainable seafood supply chain. 

Raise Your Voice

All you have to do is ask. Ethical tuna is possible and there is power in the people. Take responsibility for finding out where your tuna comes from. Look at the labelling, ask at your restaurant, search online.

Join our Campaigns

Check our recent news pages and social media accounts to engage with our upcoming campaigns for dates like World Tuna Day (2nd May), World Fisheries Day (22nd November) and other key events in your diary.

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If you work in the retail industry or represent a seafood brand…

Conscious consumers are increasingly looking to retailers and brands to show that they are engaging with responsible sourcing, so that they can be reassured they are making positive purchasing choices. There is a need for increased transparency within seafood supply chains. Increased transparency helps to secure livelihoods in coastal communities and contributes to an equitable ocean economy whilst mitigating risks associated with environmental impact and human rights abuses within the fishing industry.

There are several steps retailers and brands can make to appeal to the conscious consumer and engage with the global movement towards sustainability:

Improve your sourcing and procurement policies

Source from sustainable, one-by-one fisheries to make sure that your tuna is both environmentally sustainable and benefits the livelihoods of coastal fisheries and the communities that depend on them in line with the SDGs. Openly share these in your sourcing and procurement policies and contribute to a more sustainable, equitable world where people, economies and nature can live in balance with one another.

Join the IPNLF family

By becoming an IPNLF member you will join a community of like-minded organisations where you can contribute to the sustainable seafood movement. Then, you can showcase your improvements and new sourcing and procurement policies on the Sourcing Transparency Platform and contribute to a culture of transparency within the seafood industry.

Support our campaigns 

Support our campaigns, like Choose Your Tuna and ReImagine Tuna, to help transform food systems to be more sustainable, inclusive and resilient, thereby contributing to realise sustainable development, as envisioned under the SDGs.

If you’re concerned about the health of our ocean…

Your voice is more important now than ever. It’s up to all of us to change the course of our future. There is a need for scientific backing as we rethink our civilisation to its very core. 

Below are some ways you can get involved in the work IPNLF do, as an ocean advocate.

Join our ReImagine Tuna Initiative

ReImagine Tuna is an initiative launched in 2021 in collaboration with other, like-minded organisations which focuses on the future of tuna fisheries. It focuses on the major challenges of the tuna industry from biodiversity and plastic pollution to the protection of human rights, equity in fisheries and the impact of harmful subsidies. If you are connected to an organisation, be part of the solution and get involved.

Use Your Voice

Get involved with our campaigns as we advocate for sustainable tuna fisheries around the world. Demand changes with us as we challenge international policies, industrial practices and global food systems. Change won’t come without pressure from the voice from the people – use yours.

Check out our Instagram feed below to see some examples of how you can get involved in securing a sustainable future for fisheries!