There is always room for improvement

The Fisheries Improvement Toolbox (FIT) is designed to encourage and support IPNLF members to make targeted improvements in their one-by-one operations and associated supply chains by acting as a framework for them to do so. This process allows them to continue to supply one-by-one tuna, that is sustainable for both the environment and the lives of the fishers, and their communities, to markets around the world.


The FIT provides a framework whereby we can offer tailor-made project support and consultancy services to our members and the fisheries they supply from. This framework makes it easier for IPNLF members to demonstrate their improvements and, as a demand driven tool, companies can collaboratively address issues in their supply chain that concern them and are important to them. 

As this platform is designed to work in collaboration with IPNLF’s Sourcing Transparency Platform (STP), together, they enable members to transparently demonstrate their ongoing improvements and responsible performance to all stakeholders in seafood supply chains, including the end consumer.

The FIT has five main components that will help facilitate targeted improvements in one-by-one supply chains, specifically chosen to cover aspects of the fishery operations that directly improve their environmental sustainability, support local livelihoods and advance financial equity.

  1. Social Responsibility Tool
  2. Ecosystem and Management Tool
  3. Traceability Improvement Tool
  4. Plastic Neutrality Tool
  5. Seafood Quality Assurance Tool

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“A responsible seafood industry must not compromise marine ecosystems or the social welfare of workers involved in producing seafood products.”

– Martin Purves, Managing Director IPNLF

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Upcoming Projects

Following the success of our current FIT projects, we are looking to expand our reach and continue to make a difference. Would you like to become involved in our FIT projects or would you like to request that IPNLF be involved in a project of yours? If so, please fill in the form below.