“All of our members commit to drive transparency, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability in their one-by-one tuna supply chains while actively implementing improvements in at least 75% of their one-by-one tuna supply chains by 2025.”

– Our 2025 Commitment

What is Our 2025 Commitment?

IPNLF promotes the sustainable management of the world’s tuna fisheries while also recognising the importance of safeguarding the livelihoods they support. Looking ahead to 2025, we believe effective and equitable global governance is essential to protect and restore the ocean, and this should be achieved by ensuring the participation of local and coastal communities in decision-making processes.

However, environmental sustainability in tuna fisheries can only be fully achieved by also putting an end to the overfishing and destructive fishing practices that are driving the degradation of already threatened marine species, habitats and ecosystems. Markets will be an important driver to achieve holistic sustainability by purposefully supporting the most socially responsible and ecologically sustainable seafood choices.

Under IPNLF’s 2025 Commitment, we are challenging our members to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the production of responsible seafood, by providing them with the impetus, targets and tools to implement time-bound improvements in their supply chains in a structured way. This commitment is a collaboration between IPNLF and our Members to co-create a fair & equitable world.


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