Our members are based across the globe and collectively represent a wide range of stakeholders throughout the seafood industry.  However, their reasons for supporting one-by-one tuna are the same: to ensure a sustainable source of seafood while protecting coastal livelihoods.

We work with our IPNLF members all over the world to deliver socially responsible and environmentally sustainable tuna. We set ourselves apart by connecting responsible markets, policy makers, and coastal one-by-one tuna fishers – ensuring and promoting market participation, as well as providing access to our projects via IPNLF membership.

We drive fisheries improvements in line with the SDGs, enable and promote responsible tuna sourcing, and elevate the market recognition of one-by-one tuna fisheries. Our growing membership base is a testament to the increased demand by consumers for responsibly sourced seafood, as well as IPNLF’s role in connecting responsible supply chain actors throughout the one-by-one tuna community.


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Benefits of becoming a member:

IPNLF membership means becoming part of a community of like-minded industry leaders and gaining access to leading expertise relating to the seafood sector. Together with our members, IPNLF operates as a unified body to support, develop and promote one-by-one tuna fisheries, while at the same time increasing public awareness about the environmental, social, and economic benefits these fisheries bring.

As a member of IPNLF, you will benefit from:

The full range of benefits available to our members can be found in our Member Handbook.

IPNLF Member Handbook

Please find the IPNLF Member Handbooks in Bahasa Indonesian, English, French, Spanish, and German.


Please read our Member Handbook for all information around IPNLF membership for your company, organisation,
or association.



Veuillez lire notre Manuel des membres pour toutes les informations concernant l'adhésion à l'IPNLF pour votre entreprise, organisation ou association.



Lea nuestro Manual para miembros para obtener toda la información sobre la membresía IPNLF para su empresa, organización o asociación.



Bitte lesen Sie unser Mitgliederhandbuch für alle Informationen rund um die IPNLF-Mitgliedschaft für Ihr Unternehmen,Organisation oder Ihren Verband.


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Who is eligible?

Membership is open to all companies associated with the one-by-one tuna supply chain. There are two types of membership available:

Commercial Membership:

Commercial membership is available to businesses procuring one-by-one tuna, but can otherwise be based throughout any stage of the supply chain. All memberships are renewable on an annual basis and members pay a tiered fee based on their annual turnover – see Table 1 below.

Complimentary Membership:

Complimentary membership is available to associations, as well as not-for-profit and civil society organisations, that promote industry best practices. Members commit to our shared vision of thriving fisheries that operate in balance with nature, and include one-by-one fishery associations (fishers and vessel owners), industry trade associations, universities and academia, NGOs, civil rights organisations, government bodies and affiliated organisations. 


What is expected of our members?

Each commercial member is asked to sign up to our Code of Conduct and support our 2025 Commitment.

Under our 2025 Commitment we expect our members to drive transparency, social responsibility and environmental sustainability in their one-by-one tuna supply chains. To realise this goal, we ask members to actively implement improvements in at least 75% of their one-by-one tuna supply chains by 2025.

Interested in becoming a member?

Below are links to our Member Handbook, Member Sign-Up Form, our Code of Conduct, and the full 2025 Commitment. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact members@ipnlf.org to begin your journey with us.

Member Sign-Up Form

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Member Handbook

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Code of Conduct

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2025 Commitment

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Read our Member Testimonials

“We are confident that our newfound partnership with IPNLF will strengthen our involvement in fishery management decision making, and play a pivotal role in assisting the South African Tuna Association to break even more ground and bring real economic benefit back to the fishery and the fishers.”

Clyde Bodenham (Chairman at The South African Tuna Association)

“Since we opened our first store in 1980, we’ve not only been passionate about healthy food, we’ve been passionate about a healthy planet. Joining the International Pole & Line Foundation amplifies our collective efforts to be a positive force for change for our oceans and the fishing communities who depend on them. IPNLF has been a key partner, helping us to develop our canned tuna sourcing policy, and supporting Whole Foods Market’s mission to move the seafood industry toward greater sustainability.”

– Carrie Brownstein (Principal Quality Standards Advisor for Seafood, Whole Foods Market)

“I care passionately about the fishing communities that are fishing carefully and should be protected.
An ethical approach is not just about where and how we fish – it is also about who fishes.”

Charles Redfern (Founder of Fish4Ever)

Growing up on the sea, from handline fishing to tuna pole, my love for fish has turned into the business we run today. GreenFish evolved to meet the growing demand for my export quality fish to the local market. As a commercial fisher myself, I use my knowledge and experience in maximising fish quality to bring my customers the very best quality products. On top of that, I know how important the protection of our ocean resources is, and so GreenFish prioritises sourcing from one-by-one fisheries – we share many of the same values as IPNLF, which is why we have joined its international network.

Ryan Nienaber (Founder of Greenfish)

Ocean’s is committed to preserving the health of our oceans for future generations. We have extensive collaboration with our supply partners to ensure the seafood we provide is environmentally, ethically, and economically conscious. 
Our ongoing engagements with IPNLF support livelihoods in coastal communities throughout the world, providing jobs, nutrition, and a model to sustain tuna fisheries and the marine environment.

Ian Ricketts (President at Ocean Brands)

For over 20 years, Pão-do-Mar has been representing the interests of our local canneries, to ensure that they are represented and that the livelihoods and cultural values of the communities connected to them are protected. We embrace the opportunity to work with IPNLF to internationalise the fisheries and fish workers of the Azores.


EDEKA’s IPNLF membership represents a further step within the context of EDEKA’s commitment towards the protection of the oceans and fish stocks as well as the promotion of responsible tuna fishing. That is because pole and line fishing is one of the most sustainable fishing methods.

Rolf Lange (Senior VP at EDEKA Headquarters)

Our company is guided by the core company values of customer success, integrity, innovation and teamwork. To live up to these values, it is essential that we do all that we can to support the health of the oceans that we have long been sourcing from. Our IPNLF Membership underlines our commitment to safeguarding one-by-one tuna fisheries and the communities they support, and we look forward to contributing to the organisation’s essential work in this space.

Michael Berkowitz (CEO at Seaford Imports Inc.)

“We’re delighted to join IPNLF as a member and to contribute to the good work they do. “The variety and quality of the seafood we offer are the pillars of what we do. But, more importantly, we care about the creatures we source. Only through the high-quality form of the holder can we achieve the level of quality that our customers deserve, and therefore, we hold our suppliers just as responsible for ethical sourcing practices as we do ourselves.”

Karl Niehusen (CEO, Hummer Pedersen Handel)

“I am thrilled to join the IPNLF and collaborate with buyers and clients who are dedicated to purchasing sustainably caught tuna. I am excited to explore ways to incorporate the STP as it will be able to showcase the long journey our tuna undertook to reach diner’s plates. I’m truly honoured to be part of a network founded on ethical practices and transparency. I believe this is the way forward in shaping a future where responsible sourcing becomes an industry standard.”

Rio Gosal (CEO, Lotus Seafood Papua)

“We’re incredibly happy to work with IPNLF to have access to their expertise as well as being part of the global IPNLF business network which enables us to expand our reach.”

William Gertler (Co-Founder of Kumbatia Seafood)