World Tuna Day 2022

2nd May, 2022

Demand Change by Changing Demand

About the campaign

World Tuna Day is a day to celebrate tuna as a species, as well as those communities who are deeply dependent on tuna as a food source and for their livelihoods. However, both survive in a system which is driven by price & profit rather than sustainability and longevity. This won’t change unless consumers demand for it. And that’s where you come in. We are a small NGO, trying to change the world for the better and we don’t have the same lobbying resources as many in industry. However, we do have the power of our voice and with all voices combined, we can drive change.

Together, we can be a force. With one unified effort, we can tell the stories of these local fishers and help consumers to understand how they can make the changes they wish to see by directly supporting these amazing communities.

You have the power to make a difference by supporting small-scale fisheries that adhere to responsible one-by-one fishing practices. When we choose sustainability, and when we demand respect for our oceans and for our tuna, we create change. Create it with us.

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Aims of the campaign

  • We want to create a movement: we understand that seafood is not for everyone. But if you choose to eat seafood, we’d like you to understand where it comes from and what the social and environmental consequences are.
  • If you’re choosing to eat tuna, choose responsibly and that’s the only tuna that has been caught responsibly. As the seafood industry and suppliers are mainly driven by demand (so the choice of consumers), collectively we can pressure industry and drive change. 
  • We want to call on people that next time you’re in a supermarket, independent store, or restaurant, to ask them: 

“Do you sell one-by-one tuna?” Or “Where’s the one-by-one tuna in your store”?

  • We will of course share and highlight your profile and social media posts on our global and individual Instagram & Facebook feeds. Make sure you tag us @IPNLF & @ethicaltuna.
  • Growing numbers: Last year we were able to create an incredible online buzz through our campaign with a bit under 100 participants. This year, our goal is to have over 300 participants so we can truly make a difference in getting the word out there. We’ll happily keep you posted on the number of people & organisations joining.

We invite you to get involved and join us!

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You can find the content bank of copy and imagery here to use for the campaign!