Yaiza Dronkers Londoño

Yaiza Dronkers Londoño

Policy & Outreach Officer

Based in the Canary Islands, Yaiza supports IPNLF’s market and policy outreach activities in the Atlantic Ocean region. She brings a number of years’ experience in one-by-one tuna supply chains to the IPNLF team. Her tuna journey started when she was inspired by the documentary The End of the Line while studying for a BSc in Biology. She then pursued her interests in fisheries management with the Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management MSc programme at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, graduating in 2016. For her MSc thesis and as part of the BESSTuna programme, Yaiza assessed a data collection system for handline tuna fisheries in Indonesia, thereby advising on possible improvements to obtain cost-effective quality data useful for local fishery management.

During her studies, Yaiza took the opportunity to work at Anova Seafood under the Fishing & Living™ initiative, where she developed a protocol to collect data on endangered, threatened and protected species, to better understand the interaction between vulnerable species and handline tuna fisheries. As well as providing a good understanding of sampling, data processing and its usage for fishery management objectives, her MSc degree has given her the opportunity to interact with a wide range of stakeholders, including governmental organizations, fishers, researchers, NGOs, and industry. 

Alongside her interests in the sustainable management and protection of marine ecosystems, she is the founder of MAKA – a hammock brand and small business supporting artisans who endured much hardship during Colombia’s armed conflict. A meaningful way to stay in touch with her Colombian roots. 

I am thrilled to be part of the IPNLF team and excited to seek new opportunities to collaborate with stakeholders in the Atlantic region to support IPNLF’s mission and vision. It is absolutely wonderful to work with such skilled and motived people, and contribute to expanding the positive environmental & social impact IPNLF is making globally - all while absorbing new knowledge and inspirational stories on a daily basis.

Yaiza Dronkers (Policy & Outreach Officer)