Indonesian fisher, Yusran Tomia goes out every morning to catch tuna using the traditional handline method that he and his neighbours have been using for generations.

These small-scale, artisanal fishers live on the island of Buru and represent 90% of people working in capture fisheries. They are an important part of the global seafood export industry worth USD150 billion, however only a tiny fraction of this amount is reinvested in the local community.

For the past 5 years, IPNLF Member Anova Foods has been working with our Indonesian partner and local NGO, Masyarakat Dan Perikanan Indonesia (MDPI) to change this. The Fair Trade Capture Fishery in North Buru Island was launched in 2014, resulting in a successful and more equitable tuna fishery where fishermen receive a better price for their fish through the Fair Trade premium which is pooled into a community fund and used to improve life in the local community. The extra money allows the fishers to buy better safety and navigation equipment, take care of their families and improve their infrastructure. For Yusan and his fellow fishers, Fair Trade certification also gives them the means to be better environmental stewards and ensures that there is enough fish to sustain future generations.

Video by Rubber Knife Productions.