The International Pole & Line Foundation (IPNLF) is pleased to announce its newest IPNLF Member, the Bandos Island Resort & Spa, from the Maldives.

The 215-room luxury resort is the first IPNLF Member explicitly from the tourism and hospitality industry; a sector with deep ties to the sea through diving activities and fishing trips – as well as the cuisine served.

IPNLF members are organisations connected with tuna caught by one-by-one methods, such as pole-and-line, handline and trolling (collectively termed pole-and-line). Through IPNLF membership, Bandos Island Resort & Spa will support IPNLF’s work further developing responsible pole-and-line fisheries and promoting the benefits of these fisheries globally.

Mr. MW Deen, the owner of Bandos Island Resort & Spa, supports a number of local charities including the Diabetes Society of the Maldives and the Institute of Governance and Development, where IPNLF Chair John Burton spoke earlier this week. The Institute of Governance and Development, through funding from Mr. Deen’s project the Hope Foundation, has trained 60% of island counselors. He is also a Trustee of a number of local charities and an active member of the community.

Mr. Deen is a strong supporter IPNLF’s work in the Maldives, particularly regarding the Fisherman’s Community and Training Centre (FCTC).  The FCTC was established in early 2014 through help from the Engagement Migros Fund, and is an educational facility where aspiring fishers can take courses on essential aspects of fishing, marine ecology and sea safety.

Chairman John Burton said of the news, “I am absolutely delighted to have Bandos on board with IPNLF. Mr. Deen is well known for his charitable work and it is a great encouragement that he sees the value in our efforts. I hope that Bandos Island Resort & Spa leads the way for other businesses in the hospitality industry to reinvest in the communities they operate in, to ensure a sustainable future for them”

Mr Deen signing the IPNLF Member application form on behalf of Bandos Island Resort with John Burton