Hawwa Nashfa

Hawwa Nashfa

IPNLF Maldives Program Manager

Nashfa is the Program Manager at IPNLF Maldives works on social and economic issues in the fisheries sector in the Maldives and she also contributes to research and solutions on tackling the plastic pollution from the fisheries sector.

She is greatly passionate about conserving the oceans and the seas, and on policies for improving and sustaining local livelihoods, as well as safeguarding the Maldivian one-by-one fisheries heritage and tradition. Nashfa is also interested in circular economy solutions for the plastic pollution that is currently one of the most visible forms of environmental pollution in the Maldives.

Nashfa has previously worked with the Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture and the World Bank on the Sustainable Fisheries Resources Development Project.

She has a MSc in Environmental Management and Policy from Lund University, Sweden, and double majors in International Political Economy and English Literature from the College of Idaho, USA.