Indonesia Program Technical Advisor

Heri is a Marine Biologist who graduated from the University of Indonesia.  He has always been interested in conservation issues and was still at college when he started an ecotourism business with some friends. The focus of their business was to take secondary school pupils on trips which focused on science-based activities and research with local communities.

Heri started working in tuna fisheries when he joined the Indonesian Pole and Line and Handline Association (AP2HI) in 2015. One of his main responsibilities was to register one-by-one tuna vessels in AP2HI’s supply-chains to demonstrate responsible fishing practices. Another key focus area of his work then was to introduce the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard and certification process and the concept of Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to AP2HI members.

He took on additional responsibilities at AP2HI as their Fisheries Information and Traceability (FIT) Coordinator, focusing on data reporting mechanisms to support MSC outcomes and improved traceability and transparency in AP2HI supply chains. Heri also regularly engaged with other fishery stakeholders such as WWF, SFP, Greenpeace, MMAF and others, to support the Association’s objectives. He believes that collaboration between all stakeholders, including industry, is the only way to attain truly sustainable and responsible best practices. 

Beside his work for IPNLF Heri also focuses on tuna fishery improvement projects as an independent fisheries consultant.