Ibrahim Nadheeh

Ibrahim Nadheeh

Fisheries Research Officer

Nadheeh has been involved in Maldivian fisheries projects since June 1991. As a Research Officer with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, he was responsible for data compilation and preliminary analysis of the light bait fishery project. He had travelled widely throughout the Maldives to do research and surveys with Maldives Research Centre teams, often acting as team leader.

Nadheeh completed a one-year Advanced Certificate course in Fishing Operations with Higher Distinction at Australian Maritime College, 1996, Australia and attended and completed overseas training programs related to marine sciences. He also has a Bachelor of Commerce from the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Trivandrum, India.

As Fisheries Research Officer for IPNLF, Nadheeh collects information on the Maldivian one-by-one tuna fishery, including data on tuna and baitfish catch, fuel use and bycatch - this information underpins much of IPNLF's building evidence work which is key to informing managment and best practise desicion making.

Ibrahim Nadheeh

Marine research has always been an integral part of my career and it is a privilege for me to work within IPNLF to promote sustainability of this excellent fishery.

Ibrahim Nadheeh (Fisheries Research Officer)